BBM for Windows Phone available to beta testers


Android and iOS devices already have access to BlackBerry’s cross-platform messaging app, but the Windows Phone version hasn’t quite arrived yet.

BlackBerry has now revealed the app is now available to download in beta form, but it’s only available to those who signed up for the Windows Phone beta program. If you were accepted into the beta, you can download BBM from the Windows Phone Store right now and start submitting your feedback. However, if you didn’t sign up or didn’t get accepted onto the beta program, you could be in for a bit of a wait.

BlackBerry confirmed that the
BBM for Windows Phone beta is “currently at capacity”, but the company “will be working through our waiting list.” The company does plan to have the full version for Windows Phone soon though. “Windows Phone customers won’t have to wait long, BBM for Windows Phone will be available shortly,” added BlackBerry. Those able to download it now are encourage to submit feedback through the BlackBerry Beta Zone and anyone eligible will have already been emailed about the known bugs in the app.


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